At Evonik, we value open communication about nanomaterials and the safety of our silica. Our customers’ trust is very important to us, as is that of consumers.
The following provides explanations to frequently used terms.


In colloidal silica the particles are very finely divided and are distributed uniformly in a solid, liquid, or gas. An alternative termi is silica sol.


A number of different approaches and suggestions could be used in answering the question which materials can be classified as nanomaterials. A very basic definition is that nanotechnology is concerned with structures and objects of size between 1 nm and 100 nm in at least one dimension.However, many institutions, researchers, and authorities specify different sizes, and no single uniform and universally applicable definition currently exists.


Nanostructured materials are those with a nanoscale structure within the material or at its surface.


Nanotechnology is a collective term for a large number of innovations and developments whose common denominator is the investigation, production, and application of very small structures.


When a substance is resorbed this means that it enters the blood circulation.