Silica from Evonik is sustainable

Silica from Evonik enhance specific properties of various products, making them more efficient. This contributes to saving resources and ensures sustainable processes.

In food manufacturing, our silica products also support sustainability. For example, Silica from Evonik reduces food waste during spray drying, which is the preferred method of producing a dry powder in the food sector.

80% of all food products have components produced in a dry state at some point of their processing. Spray drying is a production step that requires considerable energy. Improvements in this step lead to a reduced carbon footprint.

Silica from Evonik prevents the caking in the dryer and reduces the energy needed to produce a certain amount of dry powder. more

Silica from Evonik are excellent insulators, they are important components in highly effective insulation systems, for example increasing the efficiency of refrigerators.

Silica in combination with bifunctional silanes enable the production of “Green Tires” which save up to 8 % fuel and thus reduce the CO2 emissions by the same percentage. At the same time the breaking distance is shortened by greatly improving the wet grip.

Silica helps to produce highly concentrated detergents. This reduces the packaging size, saves transport costs, and reduces environmental impact.

Silica is a naturally derived alternative for microplastic in personal care products.