Silica from Evonik is essential

Silica from Evonik is essential for many products of everyone’s daily life, by making them more efficient and better for the environment. The application of our extremely versatile silica ingredient ranges from consumer products, such as cosmetics, tablets, food, to the use in insulation materials or tires. Learn more about how silica supports sustainability.

Evonik silica support the sustainable production, storage, and use of food. Evonik produces special silica grades for the food industry, which serve as anticaking agent, keep spray dryers clean, and thus help to reduce unnecessary food waste.

What if the powder in a fire extinguisher clumped when it was urgently needed? Small doses of our silica ensure that powders remain free-flowing and do not stick.

The quality of rotor blades of windturbines are determined by the reliability of its many adhesives bonds. With AEROSIL® fumed silica larger wind turbines with higher performance can be designed.

In 3D printing technology, Silica from Evonik help to optimize both the process conditions and the quality and properties of the printed items.

Silica from Evonik offer numerous benefits in electronic applications. E.g. the silica particles act as abrasives in chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP), the key technology of integrated circuits.