Can SAS enter the body through the skin?

The cosmetic industry is an important area of application for Evonik’s silica products. They get on to the skin with creams and powders, for example. The skin, however, is a very effective barrier to solid particles, such as synthetic amorphous silica (SAS). SAS cannot penetrate the top layer of skin.

I'd like to know more!

Skin is a natural barrier that prevents absorption of solid particles, such as SAS. Particles applied to the skin have to penetrate several horny layers or, if they bypass this barrier, hair follicles or gland outlets before they could reach living cells in the dermis and get into the systemic circulation. All the information and studies that are available support the view that SAS remains on the skin surface or in the hair follicles and gland outlets and does not penetrate the top layers of skin.